New Project Acceptance-Porcelain Tableware Dryer, Anhui,China

2020-05-18 17:11

On May 16th, MaCF successfully completed the early acceptance of the second phase of the Anhui customer project. The first phase of the project has been completed before the Spring Festival of 2020. Under the basis of customer approval and good operation of product in stallation and use, the second phase of the project will be under taken at the invitation of the customer.

In the second phase of construction, adhering to the craftsmanship of elaborate design, material selection and elaborate production, the strength of MaCF was well shown to customers. According to the individual needs of customers, the technical issues in the professional fields such as the drying box, moisture parameters and electric cabinet combination technology involved in their projects are well adjusted. Because the preliminary work of the entire project is solid and reliable, the project was originally planned to be delivered in 5 weeks and 35 days, and it was actually delivered within 3 weeks, and it has been affirmed and recognized by customers.

In this project, the fastest record of completing the secondary drying in 8 minutes in the domestic household porcelain tableware industry was created.