New Double Setting System by MaCF Launched

2022-09-14 10:30

In September 2022, with the close cooperation of customer, a new automatic   facing brick double setting system developed by MaCF is coming into production;

China's double setting system was initially imported from Europe at the end of the 1990s, which has been facing the problems of high investment, complex process and difficult maintenance, and the advantages of the double setting system are difficult to play, and the domestic heavy clay industry is therefore overwhelmingly using the mono-setting process, and the product quality improvement is greatly restricted;

At present, the use of facing bricks for high-end public buildings in China, such as hospitals, schools, museums, libraries, cultural tourism centers, etc., has gradually increased, but the majority of the facing bricks manufacturers in China still relies on manual operation for setting green bricks, the degree of automation is extremely low, and it is no longer suitable for the current shortage of labor resources;

MaCF closely responds the trend of today's world, bold innovation, in view of the pain points, independently developed a new type of   double setting system, along   with the main features including:

1. Eliminated drying trays and greatly simplified the process;

2. Redesigned the drying car to make the connection between the car, product, and the upper and lower systems more smooth;

3. Drawing on efficient ceramic tiles conveying technology, a large number of servo motors are used to control the operation, marshalling, and connection of the green bricks, vehicle;

4. The setting and unsetting shelves are concentrated on the same side of the dryer, simplifying the process and greatly saving the site;

5. Newly developed DSC integrated control platform, through PLC and Fameview Software, integrating frequency conversion, servo and photoelectric, proximity, stroke and other position and time sensors;

The system's coming into production provides a set of simple and reliable, economical and technologically advanced option for the manufacturing plant of facing bricks and high-quality thermal insulation blocks, laying a good foundation for the remarkable advantages of double setting system;