R&D of Fired Panel of Clay Extruder

2022-08-11 15:26

The extrusion of Fired wall Panel of Clay FPC is one of the most important step in a successful production, which plays a fundamental role in the subsequent drying, firing and assuring the accuracy of the final product size, Especially for full-size wall panels with a length greater than 2.2 meters, continuous and stable output of extrusion has become a key factor in the success of the extrusion molding section;

"MaCF & Xinglin" for the full-size FPC is working on the R&D of new extruder fitting the raw material and forming characteristics, in close cooperation with our customer, mainly focusing on deceleration mechanism, spindle, auger, the machine head outlet and mold are carried out after computer simulation analysis, redesign, enhance the control and adjustment of clay flow, improve stability, reduce resistance, while selecting materials, and through the CNC center for precision processing;


The overall structure of the new FPC   extruder is different from the traditional stiff extruder and soft extruder, which will be combined with our fast roller dryer, roller kiln/ tunnel kiln to make a key contribution to the industrial production of   FPC with stable, simple and reliable, precise control of the forming and thermal process managment;