Solid Fuel Combustion System by MaCF

2022-04-18 17:45

Due to the soaring cost of natural gas, liquefied gas or liquid fuel, overseas customers have once again turned their attention to solid fuels, including coal, petroleum coke, biomass pellets, etc., and even from central Asia, the Middle East and other traditional rich oil and gas producing countries and Central and Eastern Europe;

MaCF responded quickly and successfully developed a solid fuel pulverized combustion system that consists of three parts:

1. The refined grinding of solid fuel, the outlet particle size can all pass through the 200 mesh screen;

2. The pulverized fine particle fuel is pressurized to the inside of the kiln to form an injection combustion effect similar to that of gaseous fuel;

3. Precise temperature control of combustion group through PID and frequency converter, as well as industrial computer;


In fact, the mainstream combustion technology in the domestic cement industry is pulverized coal combustion, because the pulverized coal after full grinding, than the surface area expanded thousands of times, better surrounded by oxygen molecules, can achieve rapid and high-intensity combustion, while only producing very little NOX, is an efficient green combustion method, in the field of sintered bricks, instead of the current gangue internal combustion, changed to external combustion, whether it is to improve product quality, reduce pollution, there is a great room for improvement, while not increasing costs;

So far, MaCF has successfully built a comprehensive range of thermal solutions with including solid fuels, liquid fuels and gaseous fuels, providing customers with systematic solutions by tunnel kilns, roller kilns and shuttle kilns;