Vision in New Year by MaCF

2022-02-15 14:48

The New Year 2022 of Tiger has kicked off, MaCF comes back from the holiday with full energy to chase the goal and vision by addressing the actions as follows:

  1. to continue and strengthen the strong momentue in facing bricks, blue bricks, roof tiles segment by presenting the full package solution including the design, technology, engineering, automation and thermal dynamism to our clients;

  2. to introduce new technological upgrading in regards of improving the traditional firing and drying technology in China clay bricks and block manufacturing, in responding to the challenge of green regulation, cost reduction, and quality assurance;

  3. to invest on the R&D of FPC (Fired Panel of Ceramics) as the mordern wall materials on the aspects of clay, technological flow, shaping, automation, drying, and firing, aiming at a FPC project realization at the industrial level;

  4. to   improve   the quality management sysmatically

  5. to restart the overseas market amid the recovery of pandemic of Covid-19

Our Core vision is always creating the added value to both clients and our staff, MaCF will keep going with   our suppliers, partners and friends thankfully in the new year ahead;