Automation for roof tiles project of commissioning is completed

2022-01-15 16:15

MaCF Technical team is just finished the automation lines of the biggest roof tiles project in China so far by the 2022 Chinese New Year Holiday with great support from our customer;

The line for 100,000pcs roof tile per day, propoberly represents the highest levele of automation for extrusion roof tiles manufacturing, which connecting the extruder, press, 5-leverl roller dryer, and roller kiln by the transport and conveyor running the green, dried, and fired tile coming to the end point of the robotic packing;

The automation employ a great number of the servo motors, heavy duty VFD, reducing motors, positon senors, PLC, man-machine interface, to forming a structure of DCS into a whole;

By the delicate and careful commissioning, the positive outcome of the automation has set up the solid basis to the final goal of production of the complete line;

Great thanks to our persistive technical team as well as our customer's strong backing!