The R&D Success of New Gas Buner with high efficiency

2022-01-15 15:50

MaCF recently has successfuly launched the application of its new R&D fruit for the gas burner;

The newly developped MB-90 burner features the function of regulating the air/gas ratio sycronized to assure the firing whatever in oxidation and reduction; The Air distributor is re-designed with the angel and screw distance, combining the gas holes, the new burner enables the sufficient, effective mixture of the air and gas before the iginition;

The power is 90KW with high velocity jetting flame outcoming the combustion chamber made up of the SiSiC tube up to 140m/s, strongly agitating the kiln inner atomsphere so as to eliminate the temperature difference inside;

The high grade Stainless Steel of burner body and selective SiSiC combustion tube ensures the durability and reliability;

the automatic iginition and flame monitoring are euqipped too;

Thanks to its accurate air/gas mixing, high velocity flame,the MB-90 can save 5~10% gas consumption comparing with the tradiitonal burners;

MB-90 burner has been coming into MaCF tunnel kiln application from year 2022, our two projects with tunnel kiln for firing perforated bricks and facing flashing bricks has employed the burners to provide our customer the stable, high efficiency energy practice;