Innovative Thermal Engineering Solutions for Mainstream Mono-Setting Brick Factories

2021-12-19 15:54

To solve the common deficiencies of the thermal system of internal combustion bricks in the mainstream mono-setting sintering brick market domestic, MacF proposed a new technical suggestion, the key points are following:

1. Change the traditional over-matched internal combustion fuel into under-matched internal combustion fuel, normally taking 90% of internal combustion coal + 10% external fuel (pulverized coal or natural gas);

2. Redesign the pneumatic layout inside the tunnel kiln, subjoin the quench zone, collect clean hot air to supply the dryer, and reduce the oxygen content of the flue gas;

3. Add an auxiliary drying cycle system in the dryer to increase the utilization rate of heat, accelerate the drying speed, and strictly control the moisture entering the kiln;

4. Add kiln auxiliary pulverized coal external combustion system to achieve automatic control and precisely control the temperature, and improve firing efficiency and product quality.

At present, this program is under intense construction, after the ignition, we sincerely invite all colleagues to visit and guide.