Analysis of Thermal Engineering Program for Sintered Light Ceramic Wallboard -Signed Article of Bric

2021-12-19 15:48

MacF together with XiAn Wall Materials Research Institute and Anhui Xinglin Group published an article titled "About the Thermal System of Sintered Light Ceramic Wall Panel (FPC)" in the Brick and Tile Magazine issue No.2021.11, which Systematically researched and analyzed the thermal technic of the whole process of FPC board production, proposed a series of solutions of the key point, and we put forward our ideas for achieving large-scale, automated, and standardized industrial production in one step.

This article is meant to be discussed with counterparts and we expect you to take valuable opinions to make FPC board achieve considerable development and progress in the green,energy-saving, environmentally-friendly prefabricated building advocated by the country.