Kiln car is an important part of the tunnel kiln, its role is to transport products from the kiln head into the tunnel kiln, followed by the pre-tropical, firing belt and cooling belt, etc., so that the product complete the sintering process.

  • The use of load-bearing-type Double-layer steel structure design, with rice-shaped reinforcement beam, rugged and durable;

  • The use of high-temperature ductile iron wheels, and high-quality high-temperature lubrication-free tapered ball bearings;

  • The use of occlusal double wall brick design to ensure strength and life;

  • Internal filling with double-layer pouring insulation material;

  • The surface is covered with refractory slabs of bricks, to ensure the level and product stacking accuracy;

  • The kiln vehicle surface is provided with double hole design flue brick to ensure the flue gas sinking and effectively eliminate the temperature difference between the kiln and the furnace;

  • The use of double curved seal design, so that the seal between the kiln car reliable;

Combustion system
The top or side wall of the kiln is provided with multistage spray Gun group, and the temperature control points of the kiln are finely managed and controlled.
Full External/Mixed combustion
Combined with the international most advanced external
combustion design concept, the whole external combustion design principle, structure, thermal configuration, airflow
control as the foundation, taking into account both internal and external combustion demand, the external combustion ratio can expand from 0% to 100% full external combustion, meet the high efficiency clean burning and cost control of
two yuan target。
Smart Control:
Adopt the standard light steel mold section
assembling type craft;
The use of a large number of lightweight
high-strength refractories and insulation materials, effectively reduce the kiln heat dissipation;
Using the most advanced technology, such as
pulse control, proportional control, all the
temperature control point, pressure control point, and all control objects using decentralized,
centralized control, and the use of the
configuration software SCADA Man-machine
Interface Unified Management, can carry out a full range of kiln, real-time control and management;
Three kinds of control methods achieve different goals:
1. Complete external combustion.
2. Semi-external combustion
3. Full internal combustion
However, in order to adapt to the use of various fuel sources,The more heat is provided externally, the better the quality.
Clean burning, environmentally friendly:
Fuel selection is arranged in the Order of optimization:
Natural gas →l.p.g.→ diesel oil → heavy oil → coal gasified gas
→ internal combustion adding pulverized coal
Product quality and optimal energy consumption are the most important factors to determine.
Energy consumption
Firing Temperature
Firing cycle
Tunnel kiln is no doubt the best solution for the brick and mortar industry, because of its high capacity, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, high degree of automation, and become the best customer sintering equipment;
unikiln Industry tracking the latest development trend of the world, combined with the current situation of China's industry, developed a combination of advanced technology, low operating costs, and high environmental protection level of the full foreign-run, mixed-combustion tunnel kiln;
Using modular assembly, integrated high-quality refractory insulation materials, high-speed pulse gun, comprehensive control system, based on PC,PLC, inverter, sensors and other modern control means to ensure that the goal reached;
Height of the car loading