Humidification System

The product crack is caused by the difference of moisture evaporation velocity in

the body in the early drying to prevent the thickness of the billet. The use of

saturated heat water vapor to add wet body, inhibit the surface moisture evaporation rate of the body, the thermal conductivity of water to make the body inside the

temperature rise, the water vapor partial pressure increases, so that the internal

moisture can also be in time from the inward diffusion.。

Heat delivery System
According to the design requirements, the hot air is sent to the designated area by
the sending and heating pipes to achieve fast drying.

Hot air Stirring System
The uniformity of drying has a direct effect on the body drying, fully automatic
drying kiln with stirring wind cone to stir the heat flow in the kiln, so that each wet
billet in the kiln can be uniform equal speed drying, to ensure the uniformity of
drying, while reducing the vertical temperature, to ensure rapid drying.

Wet Exhaustion System
Full-automatic drying kiln to achieve the goal of fast drying, in the free water after
the release of the body must be used to drain the water and the exhaust fan to
quickly remove moisture from the drying kiln outside.


  • Drying is the evaporation of free water from the wet billet, on the one hand, can improve the strength of the body, reduce the body damage, can avoid the waste into the firing process, resulting in unnecessary loss; On the other hand, can avoid the high moisture content of the brick into the kiln sintering, due to water evaporation caused by severe cracks.

  • Fully-automatic drying kiln is a continuous drying equipment which is born for the convenience of two times, reducing labor intensity and the demand of fast drying products.

  • Drying kiln Design In accordance with the drying process and thermal principles, including body moisturizing heating, rapid dehydration phase, balance drying phase, to ensure the drying process of efficient, safe and stable;