Two-stage vacuum Stiff & Semi Stiff Extruder

Vacuum Extruder is our factory in accordance with the actual national conditions, absorption and digestion of Germany, Italy, the United States and other developed countries advanced technology, drawing on domestic and foreign advanced experience design and manufacture of new brick-making equipment. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, strong durability, convenient maintenance and high adaptability. Is the use of clay, fly ash, coal gangue, shale, river silt and other raw materials to produce all kinds of hollow brick solid brick ideal equipment.

Its main advantages and innovations are as follows:

  • The machine uses imported advanced overclocking material limiter, it can reflect the material again vacuum room material level situation

  • The main body chooses the high quality steel plate to weld, has the reasonable structure, the rigidity is good, the appearance is beautiful and so on, simultaneously sets up many checks the window, provides the convenience for the maintenance and maintenance.

  • Spindle vacuum seals and lubricating oil seals are divided into two separate sealed cavities, at the same time, there are maintenance holes between the two chambers, you can not remove the main spindle of the case to achieve the replacement of gas seals can not stop the state of the seal adjustment, while eliminating the lubricating oil again negative pressure or sealed failure state suction vacuum box, The mechanism has advanced and reasonable sealing and convenient operation.

  • In the spindle structure for the center of the spherical roller bearings for the thrust of spherical roller bearings, so that this mechanism is more independent, do not need to be through the shell coupling and other steel coupling and reducer shaft connection formed as a whole, can also have a better transfer effect. Greatly reduce the reducer output shaft and spindle coaxial degree requirements of high technical requirements, and compact structure, strong overall, to overcome the spindle due to the bearing of different radial resistance, reduce energy consumption, prolong the service life of the machine, can do 5 years without overhaul and so on.

  • Extruder mixer shaft and spindle and reducer using toothed pin coupling: The use of 2 sets of internal and external teeth meshing, and internal teeth processing into drum type, and eventually connected to the whole. In the spindle and reducer output shaft is not high with the situation of a better meshing, combined with the spindle three-bearing structure to ensure that the spindle excellent transmission effect.

  • The machine reamers are made of wear-resistant materials, make its life beyond the ordinary 4~7 times, lead (pitch) by scientific arrangement, with "micro-pressure conveying, high pressure extrusion" function, can increase extrusion pressure and improve work efficiency, the maximum extrusion efficiency of up to 40%, greatly reduce energy consumption, and the use of floating shaft structure, Can eliminate or reduce the spindle due to long-term use resulting in bending equipment shaking, shaking, energy-saving equipment 15~30%.

  • Extrusion Head: 1) The inner cavity is designed into a reasonable diversion surface, and the adjustable diversion column is arranged along the radial and axial direction, can make the extrusion of the mud section of the flow rate uniformity, 2) on the head can be set up a multi-point assembly water distribution module, the water distribution module structure is unique, easy disassembly, cleaning, replacement, good water distribution, greatly reducing the energy consumption and other advantages , was accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office for the National Invention patent.


Hydraulic Multi-Bucket Excavator

  • Multi-bucket excavator is the equipment that excavate the mud material after Chen Huaqu Chen.

  • By excavation, walking, lifting, conveying and other institutions. In the process of equipment walking, fixed on the chain of a number of small capacity bucket slewing, clay or mud dug into the bucket, and then poured to the tape machine to send away. When digging a stroke, the bucket rod drops a certain distance to ensure that the bucket has a certain depth of excavation.

  • Multi-bucket excavator dip up to 50 °, excavation depth of 2. 5~12m, yield is 20~80m3/h.

  • According to the direction of excavation, there are up to, down and two-way three kinds.

  • According to the way of walking, there are tracked and track-type two kinds.

  • Brick-and-mortar excavators used in the aging library are generally track-type.


Combined Cutting Group

  • The cutting machine is the last process of the brick forming process equipment, it will extrude the extruder with a certain geometric shape of the mud, cut into the same thickness, meet certain specifications of the body. The type of cutting machine has a push-rod cutting machine, chain-type cutting machine, a number of automatic dynamic cutting machine and multiple steel wire cutting machine and many other, of which the push-rod cutting machine is widely used.

  • The cutting machine is composed of a cutting slab, a model, a push rod and a copper sleeve, which is characterized by compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and high yield.

  • Automatic cutting machine mainly consists of special cutting machine, cutting machine, billet machine, clamp machine, walking system, lifting system, rotary system, hydraulic system and electrical system.

  • Cutting Machine is a series of vacuum brick-making machine, in order to adapt to various types of mud, the introduction of soft mud-type cutting machine, hard mud-type cutting machine, hard mud high billet type cutting machine, program-controlled pneumatic cutting machine, program-controlled cutting billet automatic system, such as series of cutting equipment.


Vacuum Extruder for Ceramic Tiles & Panels

Ceramic tile-level vacuum extruder to adopt a strong joint unit design, extrusion system spindle housing and mud cylinder connected as a whole, to ensure the spindle concentricity, conducive to effective uniform extrusion, extrusion pressure, small fluctuations, flexible combination of superior and subordinate form of design, superior mixing strength of the compression section, the early compression of mud, to ensure high vacuum, the body more dense.

  • Can be installed into a font or a ding shape according to user's requirements. At the same time, the machine design reasonable, compact structure, do not need to install the anchor bolts can be smooth operation, the most significant reduction in the operation of equipment due to jitter consumption power.

  • The inner cavity is designed to be a reasonable diversion surface, and the adjustable diversion column is arranged along the radial and axial direction, so that the flow velocity of the extruded mud section is uniform;

  • Mold replacement of the die cage is flexible, at the same time can be set up a multi-point assembly water distribution module, greatly reducing the energy consumption and other advantages. Is the production of a variety of decorative tiles, hollow ceramic plate and paving the ideal equipment.

Single-stage Vacuum Extruder

  • Single-stage extruder is single shaft, single mud cylinder, single screw coaxial type sealing mechanism. The body is welded by the steel plate, depending on the screw rotating pressure and shearing force, can make the material can be fully plasticizing and even mixing, through the cage-mouth mold molding.

  • The structure of this equipment is reasonable and the extrusion pressure is large. Applicable to shale, high content of fly ash, coal gangue, clay and other raw materials to produce various specifications of hollow bricks.

  • The machine is very practical, small investment, quick effect, is the ideal equipment for the introduction of brick factory.