Jaw Crusher

  • Jaw crusher commonly known as jaw broken, also known as Tiger mouth. The crushing cavity is composed of two jaw plates of the movable jaw and the jaw, simulating the two jaw movement of the animal and completing the crushing machine of the material crushing operation.

  • Widely used in mining smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries in various ores and large pieces of material broken.

  • In brick and tile industry, this equipment is used for crushing particle size less than 100mm hard raw material.


Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher is a kind of equipment which breaks the material in the form of impact, and it is divided into two kinds, single rotor and double rotor. Hammer Crusher is suitable for crushing and crushing of medium-hardness materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, gangue and shale in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, building materials and other industrial sectors.

  • Work Hammer, casting with new process, with abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

  • Can be a machine cavity two sets of systems, up and down two levels of crushing, broken finely one machine completed. In the brick and tile industry use, particle gradation reasonable, especially suitable for the production of many empty bricks, thin-walled bricks.

  • Can be adjusted to the best grain level, improve production capacity of more than 60%.

  • The machine has no screen grate, no reactive power consumption, no invalid wear, wet material is not blocked.

  • Hydraulic hoist shell, change the hammer maintenance convenient and quick.

  • Double-directional clearance of hammerhead and liner to control the granularity of discharging at any time.

  • Dual-axle double flywheel, stable and large operation, saving more than 20%



Box feeder is used for uniform and quantitative feeding equipment.。

  • Box feeder is composed of motor, cylindrical gear reducer, cycloidal reducer, sprocket, chain, organism. Motor through the triangle belt, reducer, sprocket, chain drive active drum rotation, at the same time by the cycloid reducer drive pull mud shaft movement, through the regulation of the height of the gate and the speed of the transport belt, so as to achieve uniform feeding.

  • A proportional blending of mud and internal combustion materials can be made in brick or mortar combustion.

  • The rotary cutter on the shaft of the feeding machine can also break the larger soft clay material.


Double-shaft Mixer

  • Dual-shaft mixer using two symmetrical spiral axis of the synchronous rotation (shaft installation of stirring blades), so that the raw materials in the sealed shell mixed evenly;

  • Materials in the shell conveying at the same time add water to stir, to avoid the dry material dust, at the same time constantly stirring, mixing, to discharge the direction of moving, stirring materials from the discharge point of unloading, transfer to other conveying equipment


Double-shaft Mixer with extrusion

The twin-shaft stirring extruder is upgraded on the basis of the dual-shaft mixer, so that the material discharged from the discharging outlet is granular from the original powder.

  • Improve liquidity. Prevent dust from flying and adhesion on the wall of the device. Powder dust and adhesion is serious, granulation can prevent environmental pollution and raw material loss, reduce public nuisance.

  • Increased stacking density facilitates storage and transport.

  • Ensure the uniformity of the material.

    In particular, the need to accumulate a homogeneous link, both to reduce space while ensuring that the surface part of the water dissipation speed slowed down.


High-speed Fine Roll Crusher

High-speed crushing roller machine is the use of two motors driven two pairs of rollers to squeeze the material, grinding, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing materials.

  • The required size of the material can be obtained by adjusting the gap between the two rollers.

  • The company produces high speed crushing roller ring materials using wear-resistant ductile iron and alloy steel, and quenching treatment. The hardness can reach hrc60°-62°,hrc48°-55°, the roller ring is equipped with a cloth, not only the whole roll width can play a crushing effect, improve the crushing fineness and yield, also can make the roller ring uniform wear, effectively solve the middle of the roll-hoarding phenomenon. is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, mining, cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal and other industries to brittle and ductile materials processing and other heavy industries.

  • In the raw material processing has the very good refinement and the rolling function, has the service life long, the crushing strength is strong, the production efficiency is high, the whole machine quality reliable and so on characteristic.


Wet Pan Mill

  • Disc feeder is a continuous feeding of the volume of feeding equipment, can be widely used in a variety of brick industry, especially in the brick industry sintering production process, so that a variety of raw materials mixed evenly.

  • It is the main process equipment to improve and guarantee the grade and quality of sintered bricks, and its normal operation will directly affect the production and quality of bricks.

  • It is installed in the silo, silo, and bucket storage devices such as unloading the mouth, depending on the gravity of the material and the machine to the work of the mandatory role, will exist in the storehouse of the material discharged and continuously evenly feed into the next device. When it stops working, it can also play a storage blocking function.


Rolling Screen Machine

The roller sieve is a kind of machinery which is used widely in the separation technology, which is controlled by the particle size to control the sorting, and the sorting precision is high. Drum sieve tube generally divided into several sections, depending on the specific situation, the sieve hole from small to large arrangement, each section of the Sieve hole aperture is the same.

  • When the material enters the drum unit, because of the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material on the sieve surface is flipped and rolled, so that the qualified material (screened products) is discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the drum, the unqualified material (the sieve product) is discharged by the discharging port of the roller tail.

  • Because the material in the drum in the flip, rolling, so that the card in the sieve hole in the material can be ejected to prevent the screen hole plugging;

  • Smooth and reliable operation, high sieving efficiency and large production;

  • Simple process layout, convenient installation, maintenance, convenient operation and so on;

  • Strong adaptability to materials, viscous, humidity, dirty, miscellaneous and other properties of the material can be screened, feed mode diversification, that is, manual and mechanical transmission, can be mass-produced, the center of the screen using annular flat steel rim design.