Belt Conveyor for Clay

A raw material transfer belt is used for the transportation of raw material, based on the requirements of the conveyor process, such as single machine transportation, a combination of multiple sets of machines, or working with other transfer equipment to form a horizontal or tilted conveying system, for various production designs.

Clay Dozer

This machine absorbs the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, and the equipment matching the roller crusher can effectively extend the service life of the roller ring.

The machine discharge width can be adjusted between 800mm-1000mm, can be adapted to the roll width of 800-1000mm all kinds of roller crushers, this machine is an independent equipment, convenient for repair and disassembly.

The internal magnetic circuit of the machine adopts the advanced computer-aided design, the magnetic force of the permanent core is reduced by 5% within eight years, and the service life can be more than 15 years. Its technical indicators are in line with JB/T8711-1998 standards

.This machine is used with belt conveyors, vibration conveyors, electromagnetic vibration feeders, down chutes and other conveyor slots to remove 0.1-25 kg of ferromagnetic material mixed in loose materials.

Magnet De-Ironer, the internal use of high-stress, high residual magnet steam of special permanent magnet composed of composite magnetic system

Strong magnetic fields,
Long life 
Reliable operation 
Without maintenance

Dust Remover

A dust remover is a device that separates dust from the smoke gas, a vacuum cover is placed in each ash-filled place

The dust yash is transported to the dust removal unit through a piped air route, where after gas solid separation is carried out, the dust is collected in the dust removal unit, and the clean gas is introduced into the main tube or discharged directly into the atmosphere. The dust collector is the core equipment in this process.

Vacuum Station for Extruder

Structure and Principles

The vacuum station for extruder utilizes the installation structure of the different hearts of the pump shell and impeller, the direct vacuum pump, when rotating the impeller, forms a eccentric water ring with the impeller, fills the water between the blades, with the rotation of the impeller, continuously makes periodic reciprocating movements between the blades, changes the volume between the blades, and in the corresponding match between the fixed suction and exhaust ports, Complete the suction, compression and exhaust action.   The role of the double machine is that the gas discharged from the first stage exhaust port is inhaled by the second-stage suction port, and then discharged after the second level of compression, the second stage is to reduce the first level of air pressure, improve the first-stage inhalation limit vacuum.

Off-Clay Water Compensator

The use of the infrared photosensitive probe, collection of mud moisture, continuous online testing.   The water data for the test is converted into a voltage signal, transmitted to the PID microcomputer control, continuous proportional calculus operation, and the set value is compared, the output signal is sent to the executor.   The actuator regulates the moisture of the blender mud by regulating the flow of water level.   Forming closed-loop control.   The acquisition, output, and execution of the signal do not come into contact with the mud.   Positive significance for regulating and controlling molding moisture and ensuring molding quality.

Automatic Batching System

After the automatic dosing system is powered up, the belt drive motor starts to rotate and the microprocessor controls the motor speed according to the current operation. The material in the hopper falls in the drop zone and is transported by belt to the weighing area, where the material on the belt is weighed by an electronic belt scale.   The load cell outputs a voltage signal according to the size of the force subject, amplified by the transmitter, and outputs a metered frequency signal proportional to the weight of the material. The signal is sent to the interface of the upper computer, sampled and converted into a flow signal, displaying the current flow value on the upper machine.   At the same time, this flow signal is sent to the PLC interface, the PLC according to error and difference rate of vague inference, by re-equivocal output to the inverter, in order to change the output value of the drive, thereby changing the speed of the drive motor. Adjust to the quantitative level to be equal to the set value, complete the automatic dosing process.   This system is based on imported PLC as the control center, by the metering belt scale measurement, high measurement accuracy.   The system monitors the instantaneous flow/time/day cumulative parameters of the belt scale ingredient process, data storage for 1 month, displays the relevant control parameters, displays the ingredient data in real time, with automatic calibration function