Pallet-Free Automatic Packaging System

Technological Functions

The pallet-free automatic packaging system is connected to the kiln car unloading system, palletizing the fired products and sort them into groups through the automated system

Kiln car brick layering. Primary product grouping Secondary product grouping.

Reserving the stack opening. Horizontal strapping. Vertical strapping. Transferring outside through the conveyor belt



Automatic grouping, strapping.

Stacking includes forklift opening,

convenient for logistic transportations.

Reliable fully automatic operation.

Semi-AutomaticPallet Packing System

Technological Functions

Place the product code unloaded from the kiln on the pallet

The system bundles or wraps the pallets that have been stacked with packaging tape through a rolling platform;

Manual unloading of fired products to the conveyor belt

Manual stacking to the pallet

Transferring to the roller

Manual strapping or wrapping

Transferring outside


Manual stacking onto the pallets.

Palletization and stacking processes support the forklift to pile up the products, which free up more storage space.

The palletization of products simplifies transportation, loading-unloading processes, reducing labor intensity and product damage.

Stable and reliable mechanical design.