New Project Acceptance-Porcelain Tableware Dryer, Anhui,China

In this project, the fastest record of completing the secondary drying in 8 minutes in the domestic household porcelain tableware industry was created.

MaCF completes first round of training competitions

In order to improve the technical and commercial support for the customers, MaCF holds regular “empowerment forum” in an effort to enhance the professional skills and knowledge for its employees,

Visiting in Henan for a hollow block project

Under the premise of the increasing demand for new high-quality fired wall materials in China and the strengthening of local environmental protection awareness, many customers have gradually updated a

Loading/Unloading System launched after R&D

In response to market demand, our company has designed and developed secondary sintering production technology, which provides reliable technical guarantee for high-porosity sintered hollow products a

ICA2020 Exhibition in India

The International Ceramics Asia 2020 was affected by the epidemic situation. The scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors and visitors decreased significantly compared with previous years

Sponsoring JCI Alumnus Football League Match

Unikiln sponsored the New Year Cup football match of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (JCI) alumni on the New Year's Day in 2019; This event has become one of the largest traditional activities of J

Cooperation with JCI

Unikiln has made an overall agreement with Jindezhen Cera...

New Installation Completed-Sanitary Ware Shuttle Kiln

Recently Unikiln just completed a new shuttle kiln firing...