Unikiln/MaCF At a Glance

Unikiln/MaCF At a Glance


Unikiln/MaCF at a glance

Unikiln, located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, is committed to the industries of both heavy clay and fine ceramic as our market segments by providing thermal equipment of full series of dryer and kilns;

In the field of fine ceramics industry, Unikiln has successfully experienced for more than more than 10 years by serving customers with design, manufacturing, installation of tailor-made shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, roller kiln, continuous dryer, intermittent dryer and many other projects globally, actively building up the kilns & dryers for sanitary ware, tableware porcelain, porcelain insulator, solar energy crucible, art ceramics, glass ceramics, etc.

From 2015 onwards, Unikiln officially entered into heavy clay industry with long running experience and expertise, dedicated to provide large format wide-body tunnel kiln, as well as continuous-type, intermittent dryer, as well as the provision of the complete line in strategic partnership with Anhui Xinglin Group’s advantages of clay processing and shaping machines;

In 2018, the two parties, Unikiln and Xinglin, announced to set up the joint ventures named MaCF serving as a sole body, to provide the overall supply from raw materials analysis ending up to the firing as a whole package for the customer worldwide, which raise MACF maybe the only one supplier integrating the machinery & thermal engineering inhouse in China, which apparently strengthening our ability to make customers secure of their investment;

Thanks to the in-depth analysis of customer individual needs, the world's cutting-edge thermal technology, experienced, theoretical solid team, Force Unikiln & MaCF’s commitment to customers by providing excellent solutions, advanced technology, high level design reliable materials, high-quality on-site installation and commissioning services are secured;

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